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Thursday, November 10, 2011

3 Months Today!

I don’t know what it is, but for some PB051794reason, I randomly hiccup… just once… all the time. My first host mom would always say “Someone is thinking about you” (as the German expression goes), and seeing as my second my mom is now French, she says the French expression, “An older man wants to kiss you.”

Last week I was blessed with nice, warm 50 degree Fahrenheit weather, but this week it has been in the low 30’s and winter jackets are coming out. I feel like I’m going to die. My feet are ALWAYS cold (to be fair, they were always cold in nice, warm California too, but here it’s 1000 times worse). PA140020

PB031757Last Thursday I only had two lessons (one class) because my other one’s had been canceled (German school: when a teacher is sick or busy, class is just canceled and you’re free to do what you want) so I went to Ith (pronounced PB031761like “eat”) to go climbing with my Rotary councelor again. It was really pretty…. that being said, we didn’t climb for very long because our fingers were to cold to move.

PB041777Now, the weekend. It was an interesting weekend. Friday evening I went to a Guy Fawkes Day celebration with my school friend Leo, my host-brother, Julien, and my Rotary Youth Exchange Officer’s family. It was really cool, they had good food and the fireworks were really pretty! Though, it was quite weird, everything was in English because it was a British holiday/event, and it was like mini-culture shock to hear all the English. Leo and Julien thought it was really weird that everyone was speaking English, and after they asked me what it felt like to be able to understand everything going on again. It was honestly really, really weird. Afterwards, Julien andPB041786 I stayed up late watching movies. The Saturday, three exchange student friends (Jordan, One, and Ryan)from the Gifhorn/Wolfsburg area came and visited me for the day and I showed them Hameln and we had a blast doing seemingly absolutely nothing. Though I do seem to remember us taking an abnormally long time to decide what type of cheese we wanted to buy for our lunch sandwiches, and we met a very interestingPB051805 homeless man and had a nice chat with him about recycling in German for what felt like forever. Then, in the evening my school friends invited me out, but Julien and had plans to go to the movie theater because I have never been, but when we got there we weren’t allowed to see the movie because Julien and I are both 17 and the movie ended after 12 and Germany has curfew lawsPB061838 for the youth. So we went and got popcorn (which mind you, is VERY difficult to find here) and stayed up late watching movies again. Finally, Sunday, my host mom left for Barcelona for the week for an “intensive Spanish course” so I went PB061837with my host dad to drive her to the airport, and after we went sight-seeing as well as too the ‘Schillat-Höhle’ which is essentially a nifty underground tunnel. I think I might have permanently blinded the tour guide with the flash on my camera, but she was still nice to me nonetheless.

The other day, a boy in my English class came up to me and said, “Hey Angie, I have a joke for native English speakers…what do you call a deer with no ePB051799yes? … No eye-dear!!” I don’t know why, but it was the funniest thing at the time, I miss world plays that I actually understand. That being said, my German is getting better daily and people (for some crazy reason) seem to be impressed with how much German I speak/understand.

Ohh! And today is “Martinsinggentag” so little kids keep coming up to the door singing songs about a man who gave a dying man his jacket to get candy. It’s kind of like a strange take on Halloween. Punk

PB051807For anyone who has read/been reading my blog for awhile, you know I had issues with German plumbing because it’s the opposite of American plumbing. Well guess what. Three months in, and I’m STILL turning the faucet the wrong direction when I want to brush me teeth. Some habits are clearly impossible to break.

Finally, I have a haircut tomorrow… it’s well needed, but I’m scared. I have had more bad haircuts than imaginable.

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