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Thursday, November 17, 2011

99 Days in Deutschland!

New Favorite Pass-time: Telling Germans I Snapshot_20111112_6eat peanut butter and jelly… together. They react as if I just said I regularly eat human babies for lunch. At first, they think I’m joking, but when they realize I’m not, the reaction I get is priceless. It’s even better once I mention that PB and J is one of the most common lunch sandwiches. I really wish I had discovered this sooner, it didn’t just make my day, it ‘made my month.’

As of the past week, my schedule has PB121898been changing so that I will be only in the 11th grade, as compared to 11th and 12th because all my friends are in the 11th grade, and the 12th grade is very focused on abitur (graduation). It’s been difficult though because last week, the teacher who helps me with my ‘studenplan’ (schedule) was sick, and during the beginning of this week, I was sick.

*English Class*

Angie: "What's the name of your art teacher?"

Leo: "Well.. she's not really a teacher because she's a girl."

Angie: "What? So girls can't be teachers now?"

Leo: "No!!! What's the English word for female teacher!?"

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaturday I went to the field in my village with my host-brother/dad and we took Senior Pictures for my yearbook back in California because I never had the chance to while I was there. It was quite entertaining because my host dad kept making really odd animal noises to try and get me to have a genuine smile for the photos, and after my brother and I watched endless movies, as we seem to do every day now. Snapshot_20111112_7

Now, a majority of my day is spent dressing and undressing. When I wake up, I put on leggings, pants, a long sleeve shirt, a turtle neck, 1 (sometimes 2!) pullovers, my winter coat, a scarf, gloves, 2 pairs of fuzzy socks, winter boots, a hat and sometimes even ear muffs, and I’m STILL cold. Guess what!? It’s not even ‘winter’ yet. You probably think I’m kidding about the layers… I’m not. I can barely move with alPB121877 don't choose mel that plus my school bag. And it’s so frustrating because you wear all this, go into class and take half of it off, then put it all back on before leaving again. It takes FOREVER! When I first got to Germany, my first host-sister told me my school had no air-condition and I thought it was the funniest thing, coming from sunny California, but now I understand why. The school would maybe use it one day of the year, if that, and even then it wouldn’t actually be ‘hot’ in comparison to temperatures I have lived through.

Finally, it’s entertaining. As I Maturepreviously mentioned, there is a German expression “Someone's thinking about you” whenever someone hiccups; however, seeing as half of my host family is French, my host-mom used to say the French expression “An older man wants to kiss you” until I mentioned to her that my boyfriend is 3 days younger than I am… so now she says “A younger man wants to kiss you.” Red rose

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