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Thursday, September 29, 2011

50 Days Today! :D

Okay, first and formost, German has some serious issues. Like, seriously ( Alison, please tell me you get the reference!). Why are "awesome" and "horny" the same word? Awesome and horny are completely different things and should therefore be very different words. This would make me much happier so the next time I'm speaking about one of my California friends and I say"So-and-so ist super geil!" people won't laugh at me for calling my best friend horny.

Also, this will sound pathetic, but for the first time this week I saw a couple excluding themselves in one of the corridors to make out and it made me feel more at home. I really hate it when people do that in California because you walk around the corner and your like, "Woah! Hello there!" but seeing it made me feel more at home...

So last weekend all the exchange students had a Rotex weekend in Hannover where we had a "crazy themed" costume party... it was a blast and while I remembered my camera, I left my memory card in my computer... It was great to see everyone though, we feel like one giant family... just how it should be! :)

Things are becoming more familiar here and the American equivalent that used to be so familiar to me is beginning to sound weird. That being said, I STILL turn the faucet to the left for cold water (they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, yet I have been here 50 days today... twice the amount of "habit forming days" and I am STILL not used to it!) and I still think it's odd when people 'air-kiss' me hello. Though hand-hugs are slowly but surely becoming a universal concept (my school friends will get this reference :) ).

And finally, I feel as if I am in between languages as I no longer seem to speak 'proper English' but my German is extremely lacking. I understand/speak enough to hold a conversation, but I am nowhere near fluent. It's funny though, because I have realized when I do speak English, I speak it the way that people here speak it... which is not necessarily always correct.

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