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Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's odd living in a country where 1) pubic transportation actually works and 2) scarves are not JUST a fashion statement.

As of yesterday I have been here 4 weeks and tomorrow marks the day that exactly one month ago I left for Germany.

Today was one of three days I will spend in Rintlen at the Model United Nations Conference. Though students have been preparing for this for weeks, I found out on Tuesday and was invited to join the elite group of students because the conference takes place in English, just as the United Nations would. Today, after several hours of debate, China, India and Russia joined forces against Pakistan (my country) and Afghanistan to start the third World War. I really hope nobody in this group ever becomes a politician because despite all the fun we have had, everyone has horrible negotiating skills.

The past weekend all the exchange students got together for a fun weekend of swimming, ropes courses, dancing, eating, singing, and just getting to know each other. It's crazy how much Spanish I still speak despite having not used the language recently.

I'm finally getting all my classes sorted in school, though I still frequently get lost. It does not help that I have never been to an indoor school before. And here in Germany, it frequently rains harder than the water comes out of the shower.

I am also beginning to officially settle in with my own group of friends despite the language barrier. (Today, a friend of mine was trying to ask how I was getting home so he said "Angie, how are you getting fetched?" When I looked at him funny, he said "I mean.. how are you getting hooked up.. are you.. no no, are we hooking up?" It took me a moment to explain why what he said was so funny because I was laughing to hard.)

Overall, everything is fantastic though. :)

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  1. I'm glad that you are enjoying your experience Angela. Will you learn any German cooking? If so post your recipes! Also, will you go to an Octoberfest?


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