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Thursday, September 22, 2011

And Now For Something Completly Different...

Rather than the usual "this is what happened this week" I'm going to describe the highlights of the week in quotation form (with a little description after each). :)

Angie: "Hallo, Ich bin Angie, die gaststudent aus Kalifornian."
Teacher:"Wie lange willst du hier?"
Angie:"1 Jahr."
Teacher:"VFejdejkvbgejkvghvv (At least that's what it sounded like...)."
Johannes: "She's never taken a German class..."
Teacher: "Oh wow, I'm impressed you already know so much German!"
~I surprisingly get that a lot... in my opinion my German is HORRIBLE.~

Johannes: "Sorry I'm late to school, my cow was stolen this morning."
~I have the greatest friends. ~

Leo: "Angie! I looked up turkey recipes last night... but I couldn't understand any of them! All the turkeys were in... L-B-S!"
~I was born on the day of American Thanksgiving, so my friends promised on November 24th, we would have our own Thanksgiving here in honor of 'trying new things and cultural differences.'~

Johannes: "Sometimes... when you talk about something I don't know about.. I feel like I live in a small village... in Siberia."
~Apparently Germans don't have "mood rings."~

Angie, Leo, and Johannes: "Yes! We are officially the happy face climbing club!"
Leo drew happy faces on me and Johannes during Geography on Monday and later that evening we went rock climbing where we created the 'Happy Face Climbing Club."

Leo and Johannes/ Felix T., Johannes and me :)

Needless to say, it's been a pretty fun week.

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