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Thursday, December 15, 2011

“Yesterday” I Boarded a Plane for Germany… Today I have been here 126 Days…

I have become so used to simply not understanding what’s going on in the past months that now it’s actually strange to know what’s going on again. I understand at least the main idea of topics in school, and always know what my friends are saying now, though sometimes I mishear things which always leads to interesting conversations, but to be fair I’m the same when speaking English.

Friday night, Johannes and I went to Leo’s house to watch movies. We have had this movie night planned since Septemberimage but it simply kept getting pushed back due to random things coming up. The movie of the evening was Napoleon Dynamite. Back in September when Leo and I were rock climbing, we somehow started talking about it and decided to watch it though I have no idea why. The movie is absolutely ridiculous, that being said we had a good time.

Last week I asked my friend Johannes how to say the world ‘flavor’ because a girl and I were eating chips before Religion but they had a very odd… wait for it… flavor! It’s ‘Geschmack.’ But I heard “schmuck,” and honestly, the world is pronounced just like schmPB282048uck, only with ‘ge’ at the beginning, so now when we are mad at someone or we want to insult them, we shout “geschmack” at them, which is entertaining because everyone here knows we’re saying ‘flavor’ and to them, it' doesn’t sound like an insult so they become very confused.

Saturday my Canadian exchange student PC102133friend, Jackson, came over and stayed the night. We made cookies, watched movies with my host-brother, and stayed up until around 6 a.m. Sunday morning talking about absolutely nothing of importance, but we had a great time nonetheless. Jackson and I walked around Hameln so he could see the town, and evenPB282049 though I have lived here for over four months now, I never realized how many rat themed things we have around the town because of the Pied Piper Fairy Tale. If nothing else, living in a ‘tourist town’ allows me to constantly meet new, interesting people.

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Tuesday was Leo’s 17th birthday, so after school I went to his house (because I am missing his birthday party this weekend due to a Rotary weekend) and I brought him his favorite ice cream and a new PC132151pencil pouch (his old one looked as if it had gone to hell and back, and it did not seem to enjoy being zipped up), as well as a homemade card and we ate dinner/cake, made cookies and watched the Matrix 3. We didn't have any candles though, so Leo had to pretend to blow them out after we sung to him. It was a very nice Tuesday, and Leo has the two cutest two year old twin sisters I have ever seen in my life, which is actually saying something because in California I work with kids.


As a final note, the U.S. formally ended the war on Iraq today. It’s strange to think that a war that has been going on with my home country since I was in the 3rd grade ended today, and I’m not even in my home country to see people’s reactions.

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