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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Know You’re in Germany When…

  • NOBODY has heard of Dr. Seuss. Sad smile
  • everyone around you is speaking German.
  • trucks are not allowed to drive on the freeway on Sunday mornings.
  • all the cars are abnormally small.
  • meeting someone who does not drink is shocking.
  • public transportation actually functions.
  • bread rolls are a common meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and for a snack.
  • vending machines carry things other than food.


  • wearing leggings under your jeans is very necessary in October.
  • you take your shoes off before going into anyone's house, no matter how long you will be staying.
  • no house has a front yard, but everyone’s backyard is huge.
  • it’s normal for a house to be three stories.
  • it’s normal to “live in a village.”P8161054 
  • it’s seemingly impossible to find wifi in public.
  • 65 degrees Fahrenheit is ‘too hot’ for a lot of people.
  • everyone dresses like they are going to be in a fashion show.
  • it takes longer to put on your raingear in the morning then it does to do your makeup.
  • Starbucks virtually does not exist.

    Angie: Do you know where the Starbucks in Hannover is?

    Erik (from Sweden): What’s a Starbucks?

  • everyone swears in English, whether or not they actually speak it.
  • classes are cancelled when a teacher is sick or has a meeting.
  • school usually gets out around 1.
  • there are several types of “special parking places.”


  • it’s normal for teenagers to get home from a night out by “taking the first bus back” at 6 a.m.
  • teenagers go clubbing.
  • DVD cases don’t have the movie rating on the back.
  • everyone wears a watch.
  • asking “how are you?” as a greeting is a foreign concept.
  • bakeries fill the streets.
  • there are bars in the train stations.
  • scarves are not only a fashion statement.
  • amusement park rides are based on height and age.


  • grocery stores are part of the malls.
  • all the cashiers sit in big comfy chairs behind the checkout counter.
  • chocolate and beer are really cheap.
  • it’s normal to see a group of 16-year olds walk out of a grocery store with a case of beer.
  • bus drivers stop in the middle of their route for a ‘smoke break.’
  • you have to pay FOR EVERYTHING (even things like shopping carts and going to the bathroom in public).P8161052
  • Fabia and Felix are extremely common names.
  • cutting potatoes with a knife and eating with one hand under the table are improper dining etiquettes.
  • Nordsee is EVERYWHERE.
  • it’s perfectly acceptable for dogs to be on the bus/train, on school campuses, and in the mall.
  • it’s considered impolite for guys to stand while peeing in people’s houses.


  • McDonalds is a huge deal, and sometimes even a ‘sit-down service’ restaurant.

You Know Your From California When…

  • Everything on the Germany list is a foreign concept to you.


(Friends in California)


  1. i love how the guy peeing badly has his hat backwards, and the guy peeing correctly has his hat facing the normal way :)
    did anyone else notice that?

  2. hahah you are right, there are so many similarities between Denmark and Germany, this even reminded me of a few to add to my list!

  3. Haha Grace! How could I not have seen that before!? Haha that's amazing! :D


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