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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Visitors Center

Today I spent a ridiculous amount of time (something like four hours) wandering aimless in downtown Santa Rosa looking for post cards to send my foreign friends. Santa Rosa is the capital of Sonoma County, and Charlie Brown is from, here, so we’re a relatively well-known city, but I couldn’t find the Visitors Center to save my life. Finally after asking a friend to look up the address, and after asking several shop owners I found the Visitors Center. I finally understand why when I asked my German friends to take me to the Visitors Center in Hameln, they had no idea where it was.

 People who receive these post cards, please feel extremely special because I put so much effort into finding them for you!




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  1. Angie! CVS has like a WHOLE BUNCH!!! :D Just go there. ^^'


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