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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where Would I Be Without You, Germany?

My fears have been confirmed. At first P3281527it was a bit of a joke, that I speak German like a teenage boy, something logical to say, but still just a joke, but after going out for coffee with a female friend last Friday morning, I could tell by our speech patterns and the expressions I would use that my German has in fact been “teenage P3311535boy-afied.” This is of course very logical seeing as most of my friends are guys, and I had one brother living at home in my second family who I regularly talk to, as well as three brothers in my current family, but still. I should start in search of a new source of estrogen.

It’s still Ferien until next Thursday which means I have another full week off of school to roam around as I pleP3311538ase and enjoy the time off. Saturday was my host-brother’s (from my second family) birthday, so I stayed there for the weekend and helped out at his party. I love my current host-family but it was great to be back, my second family will always feel like blood relatives to me. We even look relatively alike!

*talking to my friends*

Me: Do you want a real kiss?

Let me explain. I’m not sure if it’s a “new language thing,” or simply an “Angie thing” because I make quite a lot of unintentional innuendo in English as well, but in German the word for pillow is “Kissen” and the word for kissing is “küssen,” so naturally asking someone if they want a “kissen” sounds strange to my “English ears.”

My friends and I have been getting together almost every day of Ferien because this is our last major break before I fly back to California, and I must say, I have trained these guys well. Smile with tongue out A lot of P4041542the English speaking exchange students have problems with everyone wanting to practice their English with them, so it’s more difficult to learn the host-language, but I made it very clear to my friends that I want to only speak German with them. Last night as we we’re all together, one was quoting an English phrase in context as another walked up mid-conversation. Because he only heard the English part, he just started yelling, “ONLY SPEAK GERMAN WITH HER!” (in German of course). He finished quoting in English and then continued in German and afterword I realized I really had to concentrate to understand when he spoke English, but once he switched back to German everything was easy again.


And while I’m here, all you native English speakers out there, be grateful English is your “mother tongue!” Not only is it helpful around the world, but you can say the “th.” It’s a bit of a joke around here! Have a great week!


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