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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guten Tag!

LESS THAN TWO MONTHS UNTIL GERMANY! Words cannot describe how incredibly excited I am!

I received my $1,000 scholarship from Rotary last week (THANK YOU SO MUCH) and spoke for a couple minutes about what my trip will be to all the Rotarians.

I finished my packing list for Germany today. It's insane. Packing my life into a single suitcase. Not something I thought I would have to do before embarking on this journey.

I've been working on my German daily and talking to my host families. I asked my counselor in Germany about what classes I will be taking in Germany and he said he does not have the slightest clue but he hopes to get my registered soon.

I have been accumulating gifts for my host families over the past couple weeks. Just fun "American" things.

August 9th is my departure day and I will be living in Hameln, Germany which is a town on the Weser River in Lower Saxony. It is the town of the Pied Piper and is surrounded by other towns famous for Grim Brother Fairy Tales. The town has a population of about 60,000 (almost 100,000 less than my city back in California) and is absolutely beautiful!

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